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Golden Rule Security Inc. realizes that structured cabling is the lifeline for the entire corporate network. It is the foundation upon which all other business activities depend. The significance and the consequences of the cabling phase should neither be misjudged nor underestimated. A cable system that has been appropriately and completely designed, installed, documented, and implemented reduces cost throughout each phase of its lifecycle-from moves, adds and changes to maintenance and administration. With foresight in planning and design, Data Network Solutions can substantially reduce future system expansion and upgrade costs by installation of open architecture cabling solutions.

As with all of our services, customer satisfaction and customer involvement are the corner-stones of our successful history of cabling products and services. Effective project management is a key element of customer satisfaction and superior cabling system implementation. Our competence is reflected in our documentation and responsiveness to all major phases of cable systems implementation, from design and review to installation and testing. In addition, all staff members are trained in data and voice communications physical connectivity and cabling requirement analysis, design, installation and support.

Golden Rule Security Inc. is not only affordable, but also extremely competitive.

We offer professional installation of Cat 3 (Voice), Cat 5/5e (Data or Voice), and Cat 6 1 (Data or Voice) PVC and Plenum cabling, racks, patch panels, phone blocks and other related items. During our cabling runs we pay close attention to the important details that could affect the performance of your cables.

After installation, we adequately test our cabling and then document your data and voice jack locations for your convenience along with machine labeled face plates for fast reference for future changes to your network.

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Featured Services


  • Remote Access to Security System---Arm/Disarm the system, Control Door Locks, Lights, and more

  • Surveillance cameras with remote access

  • Fire and smoke monitoring

  • Medical alert

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring

  • Backed by Five-Diamond Award Winning Monitoring Companies